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Red Dragonfly Theatre Productions strives to bring stories from the East and Far East to the British and European stage. Working in collaboration with Grist to the Mill Productions we have now started on a three year programme to bring three classic Chinese stories to the West –
The Autumn of Han, DiaoChan and Monkey: The Journey to the West.

We believe it is important that our plays are accessible and entertaining to British, European and Chinese audiences. The plays are specifically adapted into English for the stage by English Playwright Ross Ericson:

“Us Europeans often find classical Chinese drama quite impenetrable, so I put the story into a structure and language that would be familiar to European audiences whilst retaining the authenticity and spirit of the original text.”

Our productions are visually stunning, sharply written and, above all, great stories. They are entertaining introductions to Chinese culture and literature for the British and European audience; students of Chinese and East-Asian Studies; second generations of Chinese who are born in the UK; and students of Drama studies. The familiarity of these classic stories will also appeal to the Chinese community and students who are learning English in the UK.

As a fully contained touring company we offer a hassle free service and the audiences a great opportunity to experience the culture and history of China in a truly entertaining event.

Last updated: 12 January 2016

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