Lancaster Chinese New Year Festival is an annual celebration of Arts, Music, Food and Culture to mark one of the most important days in the calender for Chinese and other East Asian cultures around the world.

We hope to make it exciting and enjoyable with a unique atmosphere true to its cultural heritage but also innovative in its approach for contemporary audiences.

Many of the artists and performers are invited by the organisers, but we would love to hear from any artists we have not discovered yet and are interested in being part of the celebrations and for us to commission new work.

We are especially interested to hear from artists of East Asian heritage or artists whose work reflects Chinese or East Asian subjects in different fields including:

  • Fine and Graphic Arts
  • Theatre and Performing Arts (dance, opera, martial, acrobatic and carnival)
  • Music (classical, folk and contemporary)
  • Film
  • Participatory Arts – involving community participation in the creation or performing of the work

Contact us – include your name,contact details and information about your work or proposed activity.


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